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2019 Tulsa State Fair Livestock Nominations
When logging-in for the first time, please do the following:
        • Click "1-Register" at the top of the page.
        • Type in Name then choose one of the following:
                • “I am a new exhibitor”
                • “I have previously registered” if you nominated online this year. If you cannot retrieve your password, email the exhibitor name to apirtle@tulsastatefair.com.  
        • Continue following the instructions on each page.
If you have any questions please call (918) 744-1113 ext. 2012
Maintenance will be performed each day between 5:00-5:15p.m. Save all work and log-off before 5:00. Any unsaved work will be lost.
Like us on Facebook for current show updates, http://facebook.com/tulsastatefair.livestockexhibitors.